Dr Sheridan Guyatt – The Pelvic Floor: Preparing and empowering women for pregnancy, birth and beyond


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Presenter: Dr Sheridan Guyatt, Physiotherapy Team leader – Mothers, Women’s and Pelvic Health, Mater Mothers Hospital, Brisbane

Topic: The Pelvic Floor: Preparing and empowering women for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Sheridan Guyatt leads a clinical team of Physiotherapists at the Mater Mothers Hospital. She is an active contributor in the multidisciplinary team who provide care and education for mothers through pregnancy, preparing for birth and postnatal recovery. Her 29 years’ experience in maternity care has been invaluable as a clinician/researcher. She was awarded a PhD in 2022 on using health behaviour and education theories to co-designing perinatal education. Sheridan’s passion is for new mothers, optimising their pelvic health and the role of physiotherapy within the team.

Presentation overview

Pelvic Health is a hot topic in antenatal education. There is an increasing conversation around birth trauma, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and female sexual function across social media, between girlfriends and with care providers. Women want to know if they are normal and what they can do to prepare for birth and prevent injury and dysfunction.

This presentation will cover:

  • what is normal,
  • the role of the pelvic floor in pregnancy, birth and postnatal recovery,
  • how to effectively exercise your pelvic floor and,
  • what else can be done to support pelvic health of women through their perinatal journey to be prepared and empowered for pregnancy, birth and beyond
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