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Dr Chris May

Evidence informed practice when working with Australian fathers in the transition to parenthood. What do we know, where are we at, where is this going?

There has been rapid growth in the attention given to Australian fathers in their transition to parenthood. There has been greater consideration given to fathering in traditional programs along with the emergence of many father focused programs across the nation. However, there is little communication between the facilitators of these programs, little agreement on key areas of focus and limited opportunity for those developing and delivering these programs to share knowledge or develop collaborative practices.

This presentation will provide an overview of the current status of paternal parenting education in Australia (based on a recent report to CAPEA) before summarising the current state of research in key areas associated with the paternal transition to parenthood. The presentation will aim to stimulate a national conversation between providers about the role that evidence can play in informing the development of paternal perinatal intervention. The long term goals of this initiative are to initiate collaboration in striving for areas of consensus, the sharing of resources, and the development of a more collegiate state of practice.

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Virginia Bobro

Virginia Bobro discusses questions that we as childbirth educators face while trying to help couples to prepare for their upcoming experience.. Even when we have no idea what kind of experience each person will have and what it will mean to them.

How do we sow seeds of strength in the face of intensity? What is the focus of childbirth classes – physiology and coping, realities for childbirth culture in hospital settings, or does it affect birth outcomes or birth trauma risks? How do we balance positivity about birth and tough choices or situations they may face?

For over twenty years Virginia has been educating, supporting, and counselling expectant and new families as they transition through birth and into parenthood (as a lactation counsellor, doula, and childbirth educator). As a trainer and managing director for Birthing From Within for ten years, she developed and led many trainings and programs, working with thousands of parents and birth professionals.


Virginia Bobro


Posted by CAPEA VicBranch on Thursday, April 5, 2018

Webinar with CAPEAVic occurred on 6th April 2018.

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Refining our facilitation skills to better serve groups with confidence, creativity and care

As an educator and a facilitator of a group we must prepare good soil within ourselves so we can better help the group achieve their purpose and flourish. Being switched on mentally to teach effectively, whilst keeping our hearts open to supporting and nurturing the range of emotions that may be felt in a group, is an art form. Most of our childbirth education training does not have time to delve deeper into these skills and practices. Here is such an opportunity…so let’s go planting skills in our garden of facilitation and help our groups grow!

In this workshop Erika Munton will facilitate the group:

  1. To better understand what the role of a good facilitator is, compared to an educator and how to blend these together.
  2. To identify and practice excellent facilitation micro skills – for better group process and positive outcomes for participants, and
  3. To apply our learnings of facilitation into real life experiences – case studies we personally experience in our birth and parenting education sessions.

Erika Munton is a facilitator, educator, coach and birth worker with over 19 years’ experience.  She supports, guides, educates and advocates for expectant parents across the pregnancy to parenting continuum.  Her passion is to help people create positive change during times of transition in their life both personally and professionally. As the owner and director of Birthready and its support programs, Erika is one of the most experienced birth workers in Melbourne today, attending over 300 births as a doula and supporting hundreds more through the perinatal time. She runs workshops, is a presenter and speaker at events, facilitates groups to fulfil their purpose and helps people so they may help others.

Webinar with CAPEAVic occurred 16th July 2018.

Looking for more webinars?

CAPEA members get access to free webinars across a range of topics. We also have a range of webinars available for purchase in the CAPEA Shop.

Educating for Choice or Compliance?

Rhea Dempsey presented on 24th May 2017 with a passionate Educating for Choice or Compliance. As a token of good will, this was presented as a free webinar and can be now seen here.

Recommended viewing for all hospital and independent childbirth educators & maternity service managers. Grab a cuppa and fire the passion in your belly! Listen right to the end of questions (1hr 12mins) for more inspiration!

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