COVID-19 Announcement

CAPEA represents parenting educators from both the hospital system and private practitioners.

To our educators:

Let’s work together to find ways to continue delivering quality birth and parenting education when face to face classes are temporarily unavailable. Let us know on our Facebook page the changes you’ve made to your practice, let’s celebrate the flexibility of our educators!

To our prospective parents:

As all educators endeavour to continue to implement government guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid -19, please remember that education comes in many forms, from e books, trusted websites, face to face parenting classes and from your midwife.

Great news: many educators are now offering a variety of interactive zoom/ skype classes or online programs in the hospital system and private sector due to covid restrictions.

Contact your hospital for details and bookings or see our list of online options.

You may prefer a community feel zoom class or complete an online learning course with just your partner.

As you prepare for your birth, check out the great resources here on our website that list helpful sites for birth and parenting.

Reach out to any other pregnant friends, wise women, or parenting partnerships that you admire : remember it takes a village!

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