CAPEA 2022 Conference

The National biennial conference was held on 12-14 October 2022 at Sunshine Coast

Thank you

On behalf of CAPEA, I want to extend my sincere thanks to our amazing volunteers, Ambassadors, Patrons, and in particular our Keynote speakers Professor Hannah Dahlen, Rhea Dempsey for their wonderful, inspiring, presentations and workshops – We are in awe at the work you do. We are all coming away from this conference reinvigorated and excited for the future ahead.

Our Scholarship recipients who have assisted with chairing and behind the scenes – thank you, you have been wonderful.

  • The conference committee Jacqui Morrison, Fiona McCormack – thank you for adding a sparkle of fun and humour to our sessions and events over the past three days.
  • Helen Funk, Leonie Rastas, Tom Docking and myself – your passionate commitment and countless hours of voluntary help and support to the CAPEA QLD Branch in planning this conference over the last 12 months has been outstanding ..
  • The Conference Dinner…..What can I say… what a wonderful night, the “Crack” [Irish saying for fun, cracking jokes] was great, the food simply delicious, and we all bonded as a tribe. And note to self, keep the red wine away from the comedian before her second set!!!

You can always rely on nurses and midwives to have the best “Calie” ever when left to their own devices. …[ Gaelic tradition of dancing into the night when visiting others homes}. I n the words of the DJ… “easiest gig for me, those dancing queens took the roof off the house” 

Thank you CAPEA Tribe…I now hand over the baton to our Victorian Branch, who will be hosting our next National Conference in 2024.

Elizabeth Rigg, Qld Conference Chair

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CAPEA Conference Website

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