5 Year CAPEA Strategic Plan 2016-2021

Our Aim

To be the professional Association for Australian Childbirth & Parenting Educators.

Our mission

To provide support, education, networking and professionalism to and for educators.

Advance Professional Practice

Competency Standards for Childbirth and Parenting Educators (NACE/CAPEA 2011) as benchmark

Target: Audit re receipt of Competency Standards by end of 2016.

Update: Complete.

Target: Competency standards used as benchmark by 40% of managers and educators by 2021.

Update: Working towards this with, in 2019, circulation of 2nd edition of Competency Standards electronically and hard copy as preferred by managers.

Advocate for childbirth and parenting educators

Target: 1 example of advocacy per annum.

2017 – response to Nadine Richardson re her table on She Birth website Meeting with Hannah Dahlen and Kate Levett re their research;

2018 further interaction with HD at CAPEA conference. Response to Julie Clark re table on her website.

2019 – contact with ACM re member awareness of Competency Standards; QLD Branch advocacy activities re Competency Standards, GLOW Project, Still Aware, Core of Life Programs and Engaging with Fathers’ Project 2020 – QLD Branch initiatives including on-line IMPROVE and providing on-line presentation training to educators; Representation at Healthy Male: Plus Paternal: A focus on fathers Virtual Round Table.

2020 – Qld Branch initiatives including on-line IMPROVE and providing on-line presentation training to educators; Representation at Healthy Male: Plus Paternal: A focus on fathers Virtual Round Table.

Target: 1 awareness raising activity per annum.

Update: 2017, 2018 & 2019 presence at Nepean Midwifery Conference; 2018 Baby and Toddler Show; 2019 – Childbirth Education Week activities Townsville Hospital.

Target: New logo developed by end of 2016.

Update: Complete.

Review of Competency Standards at least every 5 years

Target:  Competency Standards reviewed by mid-2017 and subsequently every 5 years.

Update: Complete. 2nd edition published December 2018.

Develop strategic alliances

Target: Minimum 2 strategic alliances by 2020.

Update: Collaboration with International Journal of Birth and Parent Education so as all CAPEA members now receive this journal.

Update: 2021 – Collaboration with Provincial Director, Prevention and Primary Care Perinatal Services BC, Canada re the CAPEA Competency Standards and then further assistance with our CAPEA Constitution as a template for their use.

Work towards professional recognition of childbirth and parenting educators

Target: 60% of members certified by 2021. 

Update: 2020: approximately 15% members certified

Target: National registration process begun by 2021.

Update: Not achieved.

Research relating to childbirth and parenting education

Target: 1 research project supported, including financially, every 2 years.

Update: Need to promote again.

Support Professional Development Of Childbirth & Parenting Educators

Provide professional development to educators via the biennial national Conference, seminars, workshops, webinars, journal, website and social media by 2021

Target: National Conference every 2 years.

Update: Complete.

Target: Annual state branch seminars and workshops.

Update: Part achieved.

Target: 2 national webinars per annum.

Update: Not achieved; currently being provided at state branch level, with access to all members.

Target: 4 journals annually

Update: Complete.

Target: Social media used

Update: Increased impact with engagement of professional social media manager.

Encourage newer members and their contribution to CAPEA

Target: CAPEA committee positions, with mix of experienced and newer members.

Update: Committee mix improving.

Ensure Organisational Viability

Increase membership

Target: Membership increased by 10% per annum.

Update: Membership numbers maintained 2021: Strategies developed to increase membership.

Develop guidelines for sponsorship and advertising through CAPEA channels

Target: Guidelines developed by end of 2016.

Update: Complete 2017/2018.

Clear communication lines and responsibilities for members and office bearers through position descriptions and organisation chart

Target: Responsibilities of office bearers clear as per Position Descriptions, reviewed 3 months prior to Conference.

Update: Reviewed 2020; updated 2021.

Develop corporate partnerships

Target: Partnerships developed with at least two corporations by 2021.

Update: None yet.

Promote good governance and management through constitution, philosophy and goals

Target: Constitution, philosophy and goals reviewed 3 months prior to Conference, and update ratified at Conference.

Update: Goals reviewed with review of Competency Standards; Constitution amendments ratified 2019, 2020 AGM; Constitution fully reviewed 2021.

National and State bank accounts to have professional overview of accounts annually as of 2019-2020

Target: Audit reports provided by National and state treasurers to members annually until 2018-19.

Update: Complete.

Target: Overview reports provided by National and state treasurers to members annually from 2019-2020

Update: 2019-2020 complete.

Target: National documents on CAPEA website

Update: Complete

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