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Breastfeeding and You

Breastfeeding and You: A Handbook for Antenatal Educators | J Svensson | Teaching Tip | CAPEA

Author: Lisa/Tuesday, 2 June 2015/Categories: Teaching Tips

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The aim of this handbook is to contribute to breastfeeding promotion and support in the key antenatal stage, by providing information and resources on breastfeeding and adult learning to antenatal educators, program managers and health professionals who inform and support expectant women, their partners and families

Dr Jane Svensson was the principal author and coordinator of this updated second edition commissioned by the department of Health, Canberra, Australia.

The handbook contains 9 Modules: Preparing to breastfeed, The breastfeeding experience, Facilitating Groups, Planning programs, Evaluating programs, Resources for educators, Activities for programs, Handouts for parents, and Appendices.

Note that there are 2 versions on the website, both with links to other websites contained within the handbook.  One version is for those with vision impairment, the second is the pdf version.

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