Calendar of professional education events for Parenting Educators

The courses and events listed below are organised or endorsed by CAPEA. It is your responsibility to ensure that you research all the details to ensure that the educational activity meets your learning needs and potential workplace requirements.

Educational Event Date Location Contact RSVP Date CAPEA Endorsed Event
SESLHD 2019 Group Skills Trainingfor Antenatal & Early Parenting Facilitator
830am to 4.30pm,
2 day group session
2019 Group Skills Facilitation Training.pdf
Wednesday October 16 & 23 Sydney

2 weeks prior to start Yes

CAPEA NSW Professional Seminar Day
Diversity in Childbirth Education
Parramatta RSL

Saturday November 2nd TBA Yes

SESLHD 2019Advanced group Skills Facilitation Training for Antenatal & Parenting Facilitators

830am-430pm, 1 day group session

2019 Advanced Group Skills Facilitation Training.pdf

Thursday November 27 2019 Sydney

4 weeks prior to start Yes
2020 Biennial CAPEA Conference. Newcastle. NSW October 21, 22, 23 2020 Newcastle. NSW

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