Find a CAPEA Certified Educator or Trainer

CAPEA certification aims to give consumers confidence in choosing an educator who will provide accurate up-to-date education backed by evidence-based best practice and quality teaching practices.

CAPEA is committed to increasing the standards of the Childbirth and Parenting Education industry.

Why choose a CAPEA Certified Educator?

  • Professionally trained

    CAPEA Certified Educators must complete a minimum levels of training with recognised training organisations.

  • Competency assured

    CAPEA Certified Educators are required to provide evidence of adherence to the National Competency Guidelines.

  • Up to date experience

    CAPEA Certified Educators are required to have recent active experience facilitating childbirth and parenting education courses.

Why become a CAPEA Certified Educator?

  • Assurances for consumers

    Let your consumers know you are a trusted educator by becoming a CAPEA Certified Educator.

  • Commitment to better outcomes

    Show your support to increasing the standards of the industry and your personal commitment to quality education for expectant parents.

  • Recognition

    Receive recognition and acknowledgement for upholding professional standards.

CAPEA Certified Trainers

CAPEA Certified Trainers are Childbirth and Early Parenting Educators AND are actively undertaking a leadership role in enhancing the professional development of childbirth and early parenting educators and/or the integrity of CAPEA.

List of CAPEA Certified Educators and Trainers

The following list of CAPEA members have met the criteria to Become a CAPEA Certified Educator and / or Trainer.

StateNameWorkplaceEducatorTrainerRenewal due
NSWJennifer OpedisanoPort Macquarie Base HospitalYesMay 2025
NSWBelinda MeyersJohn Hunter Hospital, NewcastleYesDec 2024
NSWDonna LohmeyerSEA Child & Family Health / Sydney AquanatalYesJan 2023
NSWJoan HawkinsJohn Hunter Hospital, NewcastleYesOct 2022
NSWJane SvenssonRoyal Hospital for Women, SydneyYesYesMar 2022
NSWTracey RaynerMenai Community Health CentreYesYesJun 2024
NSWBetty LuSouth West Sydney Area HealthYesSep 2025
NSWJan DilworthRPAH, CamperdownYesYes Mar 2022 
NSWDonna GriffisJohn Hunter Hospital, NewcastleYesYesFeb 2022
NSWKaren LoganJohn Hunter Hospital, NewcastleYesSep 2025
NSWMichelle ZarbJohn Hunter Hospital, Newcastle Yes Apr 2023
NSWKirsty WallInverell Hospital, InverellYes Apr 2023
VICTameeka MulquineyEmpower You Pregnancy and Childbirth EducationYesMar 2023
QLDEmma TurnerSunshine Coast Hospital and Health ServiceYesMar 2023
QLDSuzanne SwanYogababyYesYesNov 2023
QLDPaula Dillon Eve HealthYes Mar 2022 
SAMegan GoodeveFlinders Medical Centre and Adelaide Lactation ConsultantsYesYesNov 2023
SARos McDonough Hello Baby! MidwiferyYesSep 2024
WAPip Wynn OwenBirth SavvyYesMar 2023

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