Find a CAPEA Certified Educator or Trainer

The following list of CAPEA members have met the criteria to Become a CAPEA Certified Educator and / or Trainer

Name                             Workplace                                                            Educator     Trainer     Renewal due
Jan Dilworth  RPAH, Camperdown Yes Yes  Mar 2022 
Donna Griffis John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle Yes Yes Feb 2022
Joanna Lloyd Mumabuba Yes Yes May 2022
Betty Lu  South West Sydney Area Health  Yes    Sep 2021
Karen McLaughlin John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle  Yes    Sep 2021 
Jane Shields  John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle Yes   Yes Aug 2021 
Alison Summerville  John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle  Yes    Sep 2021 
Jane Svensson  Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney  Yes Yes Mar 2022 
Tameeka Mulquiney Empower You Pregnancy and Childbirth Education Yes   Mar 2023
Paula Dillon  Eve Health Yes    Mar 2022 


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