Published on Sunday, 31 July 2016

CAPEA NSW Professional Development Day

Diversity in Childbirth and Parenting Education

We had a great day at the November 2nd Diversity in Childbirth Education Development Day at Parramatta with 35 attendees and excellent speakers.

Associate Professor Marjan Khejehei gave a really informative talk on Breastfeeding and Sex in different cultures. It is key for us as educators to unpack some of the myths surrounding colostrum as ”past it’s used by date” milk. Discussion of changes in the intimate relationship postnatally help to give a starting point for couples to have more open discussions and resolve some of the tensions in the first parenting year.

Maja Batista helped us to understand the challenges for the Rainbow families and how stressful it may be for people joining our classes. She identified the need for inclusive language even around breast feeding/tissue for the transgender attendees.

We enjoyed hearing of the success at Blacktown District Hospital of their Sudanese Arabic Pregnancy Care Clinic from Nawal Nadar, and Westmead’s cultural support program from Nelma Galas. Dipti Zachariah unpacked many of the differences in communication styles between Australian born and CALD families: direct and indirect, higher context vs low context and tradition vs independent thinking/ self-reliance.

Professor Bryanne Barnett gave a great presentation of perinatal mental health and possible precursors contributing to the high rates of anxiety in the perinatal transition. She stresses the great contribution we can have by patiently listening and validating couples emotional journeys.

A useful activity for pain was demonstrated by Margo Joyner using the acronym P-A-I-N, Purposeful-Anticipated-Intermittent-Normal. Cathie Rosser demonstrated a pain relief bingo card activity.

Derek Ebb spoke regarding men’s preconceived ideas in this transitional phase, men as problem solvers and the inherent miscommunication that brings, then we practiced an attentive listening activity. Trying to change men’s view of women as the dominant child bearer, child carer, and child rearer of the baby and then the problems of overcarers, which can translate into control behaviours.

A speedy AGM occurred at lunchtime and we welcome Cheryl Guzner as the new state secretary, as Susan Robolledo steps down to continue as the 2020 Conference Co-Chair with Jane Shields. Jan Dilworth (P) and Jacqui Gillan (VP), Paul Gall (treasurer) Karen Gage (State rep) continue on. We welcome some new faces to the committee.

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