Endorsement of products for use by educators

CAPEA endorsement means that CAPEA publicly and visibly supports a particular product that is for use by childbirth and early parenting educators in their workplace. 

Endorsement is not undertaken for commercial purposes, however opportunities for endorsement may form part of a sponsorship package with CAPEA. 

For further details of how a product might be endorsed by CAPEA, please see Endorsement of Products For Use by Educators


CAPEA is proud to endorse the following products that may assist the work of birth and parenting educators:

Name of product                                           


Date of CAPEA endorsement  

Expiry date of endorsement 

We Are Family Education Program:  responsible pet ownership and nurturing the child and pet relationship from pregnancy to preschool
We Are Family Victoria
We Are Family NSW
We Are Family SA
Rob Morrice Senior Officer RPO Education Vic,NSW,SA 2014  2017